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BUY “Baby Beau Blue”

“Baby Beau Blue”, 2008 – Produced by W.D. Fastenow at Park-Boulevard Productions Get it on CD Baby – http://cdbaby.com/cd/ajshanti TRACKS 1 Earth 2 Script 3 Head and Brandy 4 Where Will You Be 5 Little Boy Whore 6 How Could I Not 7 Armor 8 Ink Stained Skin 9 Sharkbones 10 I’m a Liar 11 […]


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A.J. Shanti recently kicked her musical career into high gear, having just completed her first European tour, and is continuing to plan her tour of the United States, set to begin this spring. She’s promoting her debut album “Baby Beau Blue”, a lyrically and instrumentally packed album containing themes of queer struggle and liberation, heartache, love, fun, and sex. Her live performances are raw and emotionally charged. She has been performing as a solo artist, but will begin to include the talents of a Croatian musician, Dora Benc, creating a rich and harmonious depth to her performances.

A.J. grew up on Long Island, New York and spend a good part of her adult life in San Francisco where she finished college and embarked upon several professional endeavors (queer youth counselor, truck driver, etc.) until last year, when she decided to dive head first into her music. She has been enjoying all of the excitement, exhaustion, and liberation that proceeds the pursuit of one’s dreams.